Asbestos Disposal Tips for You

The disposal of asbestos waste materials is a sensitive matter. This is because of the inherently hazardous nature of asbestos fibres. Depending on the quantity of asbestos waste, you might be allowed to transport and dispose of such waste on your own even though this is seldom recommended.

A few tips on the safe disposal of asbestos waste are given below.

Preparation for Asbestos Disposal

As you prepare to dispose of asbestos waste materials, you should be keen to ensure that such wastes do not get into contact with the soil around your premises, seeing as this will contaminate the soil.

Also, you should have the right packaging materials to hold asbestos waste during transportation. All asbestos waste materials should be double-wrapped using thick plastic sheeting in order to prevent the release of asbestos fibres into the atmosphere.

Also, asbestos waste materials should be kept wet prior to packaging to reduce the likelihood of fibres being released into the air.

It is also important to point out that protective items of clothing (such as coveralls) should be disposed of as well because they are likely to have been contaminated during the asbestos removal exercise. Lastly, remember to have clear labels placed on the packaging material which inform anyone handling the waste that there is asbestos-containing materials inside the sealed package.

Hiring the Right Transportation Company

If you choose not to handle asbestos waste disposal on your own, there are a number of companies that will be glad to help with the disposal of asbestos waste.

However, choosing the right company is essential. Companies that are licensed to transport hazardous waste materials such as asbestos must be registered as transporters of listed or regulated waste with your local council. Therefore, you need to confirm that the company you choose is actually registered.

In a large number of territories, transporters of hazardous waste materials are also required to submit their waste tracking information to the local authorities. Waste tracking is done in order to ensure that hazardous waste materials are not dumped illegally and in a manner that would pose a risk to members of the public.

Therefore, as you compare different asbestos waste disposal companies, be sure to ask for evidence that they submit their waste tracking information as required. They should be willing to provide you with this information to show that they are a reputable company. For more information speak with a professional who provides asbestos disposal