Asbestos Testing Kits: Things You Probably Don't Know

Asbestos has been in the construction industry for a while. Decades ago, builders used asbestos to enhance insulation, make structures energy-efficient and add strength to the building materials. Sadly, asbestos is not good for your health. It is a causative agent for many medical conditions, and you are better off removing it from any building that is still in use. The process of removal starts with testing the structure for asbestos. Carrying out these tests gives you some insight into the type of asbestos you are dealing with, the concentration levels and the technique you can use to remove it. The following information sheds more light on the testing kits that come in handy for managing asbestos:

Asbestos Testing Kits Explained 

Simply, asbestos testing kits are devices used to determine the presence of asbestos in building materials, especially in structures built three to four decades ago. The tests save lots of time and money because they help you point out the structures that you should demolish or renovate before taking on such projects blindly. 

The Contents of a Testing Kit 

Asbestos testing kits come with tools for extracting samples from buildings materials suspected to contain asbestos. You can use the tools to extract samples from sheet vinyl floorings, floor tiles, popcorn ceilings and pipe cement. When you have enough samples, you will present the samples to a testing laboratory for expert analysis. Additionally, you should also expect to find disposable gloves, safety masks, sample bags, disposable coveralls and cleaning wipes. 

You also have the option to go all the way and confirm if your extracts contain asbestos. These do-it-yourself kits come with special chemical agent applied on your samples. The chemical reacts with asbestos in the materials, if any, and deliver the results. You need to look at the manufacturer's instructions to know the meaning of the results given by your kit. 

The Precautions to Take

Exposure is the risk element when it comes to asbestos. The asbestos fibres lie deep within construction materials. They are microscopic and impossible to identify with your naked eye. Therefore, make sure you wear all the protective items that come with the kit and use them as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. 

Note that a mistake when using the kits can disturb the asbestos and push it out of the materials containing them. This makes them airborne, and people are at the risk of exposure. If you have any doubts using these kits, then hire the services of professional asbestos testing contractors to help you deal with the problem.